At the core of the United Nations mission and vision is a desire to address the most pressing problems and challenges the world faces today. From feeding the hungry to attempting to prevent military conflict, the U.N. has a timeless mission requiring participation from every country in the world to make it work. The organization currently has a membership of more than 190 states, with a General Assembly and a Security Council.

The United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) is a big part of that mission made possible due to our commitment to advocacy on behalf of the global body. We strive to encourage individual Americans to participate in the UN’s global work through education, awareness, volunteerism, and financial contributions. We believe that Americans have an important role to play in ensuring that the U.N. continues to be one of the leading forces for good in the world.

U.N. Changing Things for the Better

Perhaps you are not familiar with the details of what the U.N. does around the world. Actually, there is far too much to detail everything here comprehensively. For example, every year the United Nations provides much-needed food to some 90 million people in 73 countries, saving millions of lives in the process. Combating world hunger is one of the more visible goals of the U.N. In addition, the United Nations:

  • Vaccinates 58% of the world’s children
  • Provides additional medical care to those in need
  • Provides education on health and social issues
  • Works to ensure clean water supplies in the developing world
  • Funds global medical research
  • Works to ensure the most vulnerable citizens of the world are protected.

It is hard to say what leaders truly envisioned for the United States when the organization was first established at the conclusion of World War II. Regardless, the UN has more than lived up to its original mission. It now seeks to establish peace, safety, justice, and equal opportunity for every citizen of every nation.

How You Can Help

Many of the problems the world now faces are problems that individual countries cannot solve on their own. Every country needs to be involved if we are to truly make our world a better place. Here in the United States, we believe our citizens need to know more about the real impact the U.N. has around the world. To that end, the UNA-USA has established 120 chapters – including the Austin chapter – that work with local communities and elected officials to inform, inspire, and mobilize average Americans to support the principles and vital work of the United Nations.

You can help create global solutions by getting involved in Austin. Take advantage of our education and training opportunities; volunteer some time to help a worthy cause; contribute financially to any one of the ongoing U.N. projects if you can afford to do so. Your participation, regardless of what form it takes, is your opportunity to advocate on behalf of the citizens of the world for better future.

United Nations serves a near-perfect purpose : to promote global cooperation to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges that no single country can resolve alone. – See more at:

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