Many migrants seeking asylum and waiting for their U.S. court dates are living in a refugee camp at Matamoros in Mexico in squalid conditions. They have little to no access to basic facilities and everyday items required to maintain personal hygiene. Although authorities are concerned about their condition, they have limited resources to provide for the vast number of occupants of the camp.

The Austin chapter of the United Nations Association is collecting donations to assemble dignity bags which include the below listed items to distribute at the facility in Matamoros.

As the cost of one dignity bag is $5 we request donations be provided in multiples of that amount as it is makes purchases easier.

Each Dignity Bag costs includes:



Hair Comb

Body Lotion



Facial Tissue

Razor Blades

Safety Pins

Needle and Thread

Additional items needed to assemble the bags are Ziplock Quart Sized Bags